Training On Board

Training On Board (TOB) is an international training, nutrition and health project initiated by the Norwegian Maritime Authority in Haugesund on behalf of ISWAN. Access the website at

Training on board offers seafarers an accessible, free, and motivational training programme that will encourage them to take care of their own health and fitness. The project is fully funded by ITF Seafarers' Trust. The main feature of the project is that a seafarer should be able to train onboard with simple equipment or even without any equipment at all. For a beginner, participation in TOB can lead to a big difference in fitness.

For example, in Norway, almost 500 seafarers lost their health certificate in 2011. This number has remained relatively stable over the years. Active participation in regular exercise can decrease the number of seafarers losing their certificate.

TOB has a short term objective to increase training on board a ship by 20%. The long term objective is to permanently reduce the number of seafarers losing their health certificates.....

What is Training on Board?

When a seafarer visits the TOB website there is a fitness calculator. The seafarer fills in the calculator and their VO2 max (ability to transform oxygen) and fitness age will appear. If they are 40 years old and the test stipulates their fitness age to be 50 years they should start training!

Both conditioning and strength training is included in the programme. The training focuses less on miles, seconds and kilos and more on the length and intensity of training. Entry level for beginners is low but the programme will include challenges for those at a more advanced level with high intensity training. There is also the possibility of logging points in order to compete with other ships. The points

The training program has been designed by physiotherapist Mona Woll Håland and the website functionality has been developed by Infogym AS in Haugesund, Norway.

In 2016, a TOB newsletter was launched. The newsletter is available on the TOB website and via ISWAN and SeafarerHelp's social media platforms.

Further health information specifically for seafarers can be accessed here. Downloadable booklets full of healthy eating tips, as well as training information are available from our website.


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