Seminar on Cruise Ships and Seafarers Welfare 23 May 2014 Venice

Costa Serena sailing in front of San Giorgio Maggiore Costa Serena sailing in front of San Giorgio Maggiore Marie-Lan Nguyen

ISWAN is holding a seminar on Cruise Ship and Seafarers Welfare in Venice, Italy on 23 May 2014. Providing welfare services and facilities to visiting seafarers from cruise ships present particular challenges for welfare organisations.

Cruise ship crews are different from those on other merchant ships. For a start there are far more seafarers on a cruise ship. Also, catering and 'hotel' staff on cruise ships are defined as seafarers and many of these are women. The services and facilities aimed at seafarers on cruise ships need to be adapted to meet their needs

With the growth of the cruise ship sector the seminar will be looking at the welfare needs of seafarers aboard these vessels and how they can be met, both on board and in port. There will be speakers and participants from seafarer welfare organisations, shipping companies, ports, and maritime trade unions.

See here for programme.

The seminar is open to organisations and individuals interested in the welfare of seafarers.

The seminar will cost 75 euros (50 euros for ISWAN Members). You can book for the seminar below.

The Port of Venice is kindly hosting the seminar.

There is also an ISWAN members' meeting in Venice on 22 May 2014.

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