Article discusses the social isolation of seafarers

"Social isolation among seafarers is less a problem than a fact. What makes it problematic is that social isolation is both a cause and symptom of a range of mental health conditions. And these conditions make it harder to both retain crew and maintain safety."

Dr.Olivia Swift's article Social Isolation of Seafarers highlights the key points on this topic, illustrating various means to alleviate the issue, as well as underlining what support is currently available.

The issue of social isolation among seafarers is common, and has been researched and documented in the past. However, ISWAN remains keenly aware of the problem, partly due to the nature of some calls received by the SeafarerHelp team. ISWAN is keen to lay the foundations for a discussion of the possible ways to alleviate the causes and symptoms of social isolation, including seafarers, welfare providers and shipping companies in the debate.

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